Regular Online Yoga Training with Adriana Salles

Dear friends, we continue to offer  yoga training with Adriana Salles. There is a training four times a week that is mainly intended for performing artists, but of course open to anyone interested.
You need little space, no more than a yoga mat or a carpet. If you have any questions, just get in touch!


We offer following classes

Yoga Training

Every Tuesday and Saturday
at 11.30 am

Every Monday and Thursday
from at 7 pm

We focus on:

Strengthening the “core” (pelvis, abdomen, rib muscles)
and much more

Adriana combines Hatha and Yengar Yoga.

The balance between the chakras and blood and lymphatic circulation is activated.

Adriana adapts to the individual needs and level of each individual person.

These are open classes

We want to offer regular training with Adriana Salles for performing artists as well as for everyone interested in movement.
You can either book individual units or purchase weekly or monthly packages. Your first session is FREE!
Please notice that your participation is at your own risk!
Adriana offers also individual classes for people with special requests, needs or particular physical problems. Just let us know.


Due to the problems with spyware at ZOOM, we decided to stream the courses via the “JITSI” ( portal. It is an open source project (preferred online meeting platform of Green Peace), easy to use, no restrictions or accounts needed.


For mac users we propose to use Google Chrome browser, as the Camera is not working with Safari, yet.

Phones and Tablets

You will need the Jitsi application Apple or Android

You can find here a video tutorial, how to use this platform:


Once you booked a session or a package, you will receive, 5 minutes before the beginning of the course an invitation by email, sms or WhatsApp to a JITSI room, combined with a password.
Payment is processed via PayPal . If you do not have a PayPal account, you can of course also pay with credit card or bank transfer.
Please just let us know when you book.