At the exact Time

„There are universal fundamental laws of theater, one has to know and to respect to eventually do what is called theater.Otherwise we reproduce one only black characters on white sheets of paper or make literature in costumes.“

Ariane Mnouchkine

In this Module we are interested in the construction of a play, old or new, or even reinvented.
We follow the dramaturgy of Romeo and Juliet (or another play or story of our choice) and explore how to make theatre out of nothing.
It is a journey through space and time. No set, no costumes (yet), looking for the origins of theater and theatricality. A man and his imagination.
Only our bodies and an “empty space”.
Everything is possible.
This workshop is an attempt to teach the organic growth of an artistic project, to train  performers, who are masters of their instrument (the body) and the research of forms of play that catch the attention of the public in order to touch the viewers. Far from conceptual theater and performances full of imposed ideas caused by the lack of time.

The Relation body-Space-Time

Initially we examine the basis of the so-called “balance of the plateau”, the beginning of the play occurs.
We are very close to the idea of “The Empty Space” of Peter Brook.
How shall you enter on stage?
How to create a dynamic relationship with my partners
How to feel the public?
How does a chorus appear? <
Who is speaking?
We also understand what is essential for the following days:
The rhythm, the musicality of each action and, subsequently, every emotion.

Two Families and their Conflict

For the construction of our characters we inspire ourselves using half masks: The masks of Commedia and the Balinese masks.
How would they speak?
Do the characters create the situation?
Or the situation the characters

„he poet has his feet in the mud, his eyes in the stars and a dagger in his hand“

Peter Brook

To understand Mercutio (Mercury / Hermes the messenger of the gods, the only one, who can wander between Olympus and the underworld.) we take a trip into The World of bufoons
By trying to understand what happens at the Masked Ball and the first encounter of Romeo and Juliet, we are rediscovering our two mask families – and the players behind the masks.
How to Play Love at first sight?
The Fight, we try theatrically to die. Without special effects and Hollywood

The Tragedy

The following topics and deal with the big emotions:
Love, hate, jealousy, sadness
Where are they in the body?
How can I represent them?

The spoken word  are gestures converted into acoustic oscillations. There is a direct dynamical relationship between body, space and text.

 “On stage there is no place for statements or speeches (discours). A word  (parole) is spoken!”

Jacques Lecoq