A long and lonely Journey to be funny

Clowns plunge joyfully into fiasco. Initially, with anxious hope, later with growing confidence that a solution will come by itself. That the solution usually is not the one expected, or desired, makes it even more exciting. The more un-perfect, the better. The imperfection makes it interesting. The imperfection is the potential. The one hundred per cent personally unique is needed. “Problems” are important! Stumbling into conflicts and getting out of them – having a good time, the constant theme. Clowns leave their expectations, desires, longings, their hunger behind for a while and bring in their desire to play, their affection for the weak, their understanding of the sensitive, their naivety, their naive dismay. And sometimes, if they are lucky, something small sneaks into the room with them, then “it” happened, something else happened, they have achieved the hearts.

Tanja Simma

Clown is a very exiting too especially for actors.
“There is no such a Clown who isn’t a good
It is a great work to train the listening as well to yourself as to the other partners on stage.

The Flop

Was is funny and why?
What is the difference between ” being funny or ridiculous” and true comedy??
>We work with the nightmare of every actor: THE FLOP …
How bad must things turn to become funny again?

In this Module the preparation of Adriana Salles is particularily important.
She works a lot with dance, choreography and acrobatics, a substantial part of this workshop clown is working to filter out the individual and unique qualities of each student which often are hidden under difficulties and fears.
We let the pub-and-bar jokes and cheap stand up comedy, the easy one-man show, the simple animating and bad taste behind us and discover

My own Clown

What makes people especially laugh at me ?
Is the “painful truth” really so painful? My weaknesses are my strength. How do I get to know them and how can I play with them?
How can I avoid exhibitionism and auto-therapy on stage?

The red Nose and the Audience

Without audience a clown cannot exist . Being on stage is for him a necessity of life.
We practice how to ”ride” on the emotions and reactions of the audience.
We experience the poetry of the clown free from clichés.
We understand that the connection to the public happens through our hearts.
In which stunt I am the sole master?

Clowns Today

Is there a connection with circus clowns and clowns today?
Can a Clown have a job, a family life?
What if Clowns played theatre?