a tragic

„„Buffoons come from elsewhere. They are linked to the verticality of mystery and they are part of the vertical axis, which links earth and heaven whose values they invert. They spit at the sky and invoke the earth; in this sense they inhabit the same space as tragedy – they meet on the same plane.““

Jacques Lecoq.

By giving body to our anxieties, our myths, cynicism, we find the distance required to “play”, to “fool around” with everything. We become CREATURE and this way we enter in our own “madness”, which is nothing less than our CREATIVITY.
We dive into the universe of childhood, but in a different way than in the exercise of the ”childhood room” we do with the neutral mask, where the adult returns to his room, and rediscovers the SPACE of his childhood, or, as in the Clown, we work with the inner “grown up” child. We deform our body and discover

The first Buffoon

By searching the humanity of minorities and expulsed, we discover through these creatures, their deformity, pains, feelings and poetry our own condition.

The World of Mysteries

We explore the world of mysteries, beings living in the mists of time, in heaven and in hell. They encounter each other at their annual meeting, we and distinguish the universal families of buffoons. We work on the collective unconscious described by CG Jung. We travel into the souls of each and every one of us. We discover poetry, music, and painting as a way to express these mysteries. We meet Dante, Rimbaud, Artaud etc. and our door opens to

The World of Tragedy

Greek tragedy has its root in an tribal cult, the “dance of the he-goat” where we could observe beings with false bellies.
Everything was in a circle but then the first actor stepped in…
We experience the birth of the chorus, the coryphaeus and the Hero.
We understand that we deal with the archetypes of human existence.

The universe of Grotesque and Fantastic

 We return to our times and mock about everything: Illness, religion, beauty, power, science, violence… The modern Buffoons are afraid of nothing. They play our society, the themes of power, of science, of religion in ‘follies’, which are organised according to strict rules where the craziest directs the others and declares war because he’s bored<
Buffoons belong to the realm of madness, to that madness which you need the better to safeguard truth. One accepts in a madman what one wouldn’t accept in a so-called normal person. One forgives him when he says upsetting things but one listens to him as a king listens to his fool.

After this crossing within the universe of the buffoons, we are prepared to do the next steps, discover new working tools and maintain our aim : becoming a free actor,  connected to his own perception.

By giving body to our anxieties, our myths, cynicism, we find the distance required to “play”, to “fool around” with everything. It is as if we were sculpting with own body our subconscious. This way, everything becomes concrete and tangible. We created a “full body” mask.
To observe the today’s world from a critical point of view, the Buffoons are excellent possibility, an efficient and “extraordinary” tool.