intensely creative Physical Theatre
with Adriana Salles and Andreas Simma

Each movement, he told me, has its centre of gravity; it is enough to control this within the puppet.
The limbs, which are only pendulums, then follow mechanically of their own accord, without further help.
He added that this movement is very simple. When the centre of gravity is moved in a straight line, the limbs describe curves. Often shaken in a purely haphazard way, the puppet falls into a kind of rhythmic movement which resembles dance ...
The line the centre of gravity has to follow is indeed very simple,
and in most cases, he believed, straight ...
But, seen from another point of view, this line could be something very mysterious.
It is nothing other than the path taken by

the soul of the dancer.

Heinrich von Kleist

On the Marionette theatre

About us
We want to encourage your personal creativity. Our goal is to help you become an independent, free and above all happy artist. Physical preparation by Adriana Salles, with a focus on posture corrections, strengthening and musicality, as well as movement analysis and improvisation with Andreas Simma will give you the necessary artistic tools. Our work is open to actors, dancers, singers, clowns, authors, directors, filmmakers, theater educators, theater scholars, critics (why not?), From beginners to professionals.
Andreas Simma
studied at the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and the Schauspielschule Volkstheater In Vienna. He was a member of the “Théâtre du Soleil” and is the artistic director of “Tà Pánta Rheî”. In Vienna and Paris he also studied French literature and theatre studies and finished with a Master at the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III. As an actor and director he works with companies in France, Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, Brazil. Since 2010 he has been teaching in France, Germany (Folkwang University of the Arts, Ernst Busch University of Dramatic Arts in Berlin), Austria (Music and Art University and the Krauss Drama School in Vienna), Chile and Brazil.
Adriana Salles

studied theater, dance and singing in Rio de Janeiro. She was interested in circus art, especially tissue techniques. Subsequently, she turned to dance and body theater based on Laban, Suzuki, far Eastern theater, African rituals and yoga. She actually studies theatre studies in Paris. As an actress, she plays both on stage and in front of the camera. Together with Andreas Simma she teaches in Brazil, Argentina, France and Austria.




Everything Moves

the poetic body


Story Telling

:Melodrama  &  Halfmasks



a tragic brotherhood



a long and lonely journey to be funny


At the exact time

understand creative processes through divised techniques

These are our basic modules. The optimal length per module is one month. Ten days are ideal, five days a minimum. Our courses can also be offered in compact forms as weekend workshops. Of course, we also offer parts of the modules, such as Commedia dell’Arte or Greek tragedy, for example. You can see the current offers on our calendar or on our Facebook page.


In addition to our collective classes, we also offer one-to-one lessons. We coach for auditions, exams and castings. These classes are available in German, French, English and Portuguese. You can also order Thai yoga massages separately with Adriana! If you are interested contact us through the contact form at the end of our website!
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